A husband and wife team improving their relationship through a shared love of home improvement.

Thank you for visiting our site.  We hope you find some inspiration from what we've done together while rebuilding a struggling relationship.  Please join our email list for updates as many of our projects are currently on-going.  We're excited to share our journey.

About Us


Who We Are

We are Travis and Samantha, a husband and wife team who transformed our marriage through a dogged commitment and changed attitudes and behaviors while navigating through a challenging period in our relationship.  We Implemented the skills and mindset we have always had doing projects together to create a new framework for our marriage.  


....completed projects

Projects we've completed include refinishing our hardwood floors, building a koi pond filter, fixing a 50 year-old washing machine, putting a new roof on our home, various woodworking projects and even making a Halloween red velvet brain cake.  


....sharing our lessons

We have a plethora of projects in the works and have created this website to showcase those projects and possibly offer tips and advice to other couples looking to reconnect and discover new things about themselves and each other.

We would love to hear from you and keep you updated on our progress