Fence Restoration

Pressure Washing

(S) This project should have been done a decade ago but life can throw some wicked curveballs at you that take priority.  We decided this was the year.  First steps were to watch various YouTube videos on fence cleansers and pressure washers.  After looking at several reviews we settled on Simpson MSH3125 Gas Pressure Washer Powered by Honda Motor from Amazon along with the Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer.  For stain sealer we went with Ready Seal 510 Golden Pine Exterior Wood Stain and Sealer.   We chose to do this project ourselves because I called around to various fence and handyman services and not only do they not do this work, they couldn't recommend anyone that did. 

(T) I was tasked with tackling the pressure washing of the inside of the fence due to the horizontal beams.  The beams broke the fence panel into three sections and with Samantha being only 5' tall she had difficulty seeing and reaching the top beams with the wand.  She completed most of the outside of the fence while I completed the inside.  All of the power washing took several weekends to complete.  Samantha spot sanded a few locations that were slightly damaged, but truthfully, the areas are only visible if one is right next to them.  Overall, the fence turned out beautiful.  Every weekend we were thrilled with the progress and the immediate gratification of seeing the dirt and algae come right off leaving a wonderful honey color and amazing wood grain.  

This particular project has been a great team project.  Samantha was very timid at first using the washer but with a little distance tweaking and positive reinforcement she had no issues just jumping in and finishing the outside sections.  We are all a little critical of our own work and we want to do the best job possible.  She started out thinking that she was causing too much damage to the fence or leaving lines, but when we looked at the sections she completed and compared them to mine you could not tell the difference.  She did an amazing job.  Her willingness to use the power washer was great.  It allowed the project to continue on while I worked on the normal lawn mowing duties or at times when I wasn't home.  

(S) Aside from the gratification we were getting from seeing the fence clean and looking like new, we had a fun "couple" moment one day after I had washed an outside section.  When you pressure wash a fence, you're going to get wet and muddy.  Being short and therefore closer to the ground, I ended up with mud sprayed on my face, arms, and legs - basically all over.  Travis looked at me at one point when we were working on something else and said, "you look like one of those bad ass chicks at the end of a horror movie when they lose it and just start killing all the bad guys".  I loved it.  I said, "really?"  to which he replied "yeah, the mud is perfect, you just need some blood mixed in."  He was right.  I looked in the mirror before I  showered and scared myself.  I reminded myself of the blonde actress in the movie The Descent.  We both think I should dress up like her for Halloween.  


Stain & Seal

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