Rabbit Runs

(T) We have two buns we love dearly and wanted to spend time with outside so we built each one their own run.  The supply list was pretty simple.  A few two by fours, some chicken wire, staples, staple gun, hinges, and nails.  

There wasn't anything fancy about the box frame.  On the end of the top portion, we attached a small frame, also covered in chicken wire, using two small cabinet hinges to use as the access door.

Samantha decorated the sides with colored hanging flower pots and used their carriers to hide in and jump on.  They pretty much enjoy the fresh air and grass under their paws and we never leave them unsupervised.

(S) One of the easiest projects we've done came with an emergency room visit.  While holding the staple gun by the wrong end, I squeezed the handle and promptly dropped to my knees thinking I had broken a finger.  Instead, I just stapled my pinky and ring finger together.  For a moment, I thought about pulling the staple out but noticed one end had gone in and out of one finger and into the other.  Off to the emergency room we went.  Needless to say I was in pain so prior to leaving for the hospital, I took a shot of vodka.  After arriving at the hospital and getting signed in, the nurse asked if she could get me anything.  Jokingly, I said "another shot of vodka" to which she responded, "I'm  off in twenty minutes and will join you."  It's good to keep a sense of humor when your fingers are swelling against an immovable staple you put there while doing a stupid thing.  Anyway, two Novocain shots later the doctor pulled the staple out.  My fingers  bled like faucets.  She wrapped them up, gave me a tetanus shot and we were on our way.  All in all, it was worth it to see the bunnies really enjoying their new runs.