Wine Crate Desk

Travis had been bringing home wine crates for years for another project I have in mind that we haven't begun yet.  I registered for an online class, bought a new computer and needed a desk.  Enter the wine crates.  I pulled some apart and selected pieces I liked that were visually interesting or different shapes and shades.  We then bought a 1/2" plywood board to use as a base and used wood glue and finishing nails to attach the various crate pieces.  I knew I was going to have empty space in some areas which I though we'd fill in with epoxy but Travis suggested using recycled wine corks in those spaces.  I loved it!  


I kept one wine crate in tact to use like a drawer because I really liked how it opened and found a bamboo desk organizer that fit perfectly inside.  Travis found a grape wine cork drawer pull at Lowe's to use as a handle.  For the edge we used a 1 1/4" plastic corner edging and screwed that on.  Some of the wine crates were a bit warped and rose above the 1 1/4" edging.  The height difference wouldn't allow the epoxy to cover it leaving the desk surface to not be level, so we sanded those spots down.  We also used polyurethane on the wine "drawer" which gave it a nice amber hue and sealed it for protection from morning coffee and evening wine.  We used industrial pipe table legs we found on Amazon that are very heavy and required cleaning. We will update when this is complete.